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Primary School Students
Gun Safety Initiative

Primary School Students are all grades up to and including grade 3. Instructional materials are created on two levels: Level One is preschool through grade one. Level Two is grades two and three.

In each of the 50 United States, we have a designated employee whose fulltime occupation is to travel among the various schools presenting a one week workshop to primary school students. The workshop is filled with information, song, dance, and worksheet activities. Each child receives a badge of completion, a activity workbook done in comic book style, and learns a song and dance which relay the four key responses for these children to utlize when discovering a gun.

When coming upon a gun, the children are taught four steps to follow:

(1) Stop,
(2) Don't Touch,
(3) Leave the Area, and
(4) Tell an Adult.

This educational program has been endorsed/honored by: the Youth Activities Division of the National Safety Council, the National Sheriffs' Association, the American Legion, the Police Athletic League and the Association of American Educators. Governors of 26 states and 23 state legislatures have recognized the importance of the program or officially recommend it for use.

The program makes no value judgments about firearms, and no firearms are ever used in the program. The program has no agenda other than accident prevention - ensuring that children stay safe should they encounter a gun.

Each of our employees meets with students in over 70 schools each year. Though this initiative we meet annually with over 1,000,000 students to promotes gun safety. The ripple effect of this initiative is immense.

To read through details of how we will reach over 1,000,000 students each year, please click here.

If you feel you have talents and skills which would help us to further this initative, please let us know here.