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Core Initiatives

High School Students: Academic Assistance blended with an emphasis on Athletic Achievement and Community Service
Clearwater Rowing Elite - CRE

Pre-K through 12th Grade: Educational Institution
Clearwater Academy

Primary School Students: Gun Safety Initiative
Safety First

Struggling Intact Families: Housing Assistance
Affordable Living


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We greatly appreciate your willingness to donate to our non-profit foundation registered in the State of Ohio.

We are NOT currently a 501(c)(3), although we ARE filing for this tax-exempt status so that your donation will be fully tax deductible to you to the fullest extent of the tax law. We will update this web site when the tax-exempt status is finalized.

Prior to being granted tax-exempt status, you can still donate to our foundation. You WILL NOT be eligible for a charitable contribution on your tax return, however.

The IRS allows contributions made within 27 months of their granting exempt status to be characterized as charitable donations. If you make a donation prior to when the exemption status is granted, we will send you a letter to let you know that we have officially been accepted as a qualifed charity and that your prior donation is indeed tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We do hope that this will not deter you from supporting our initiatives. We do ardently feel that in achieving our foundation's goals the American Family Unit will be exponentially strengthened.

If you would like to earmark your donation to a particular of our initiatives please let us know.