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Core Initiatives

High School Students: Academic Assistance blended with an emphasis on Athletic Achievement and Community Service
Clearwater Rowing Elite - CRE

Pre-K through 12th Grade: Educational Institution
Clearwater Academy

Primary School Students: Gun Safety Initiative
Safety First

Struggling Intact Families: Housing Assistance
Affordable Living


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Clearwater Rowing Elite (CRE) is our initiative which enables high school aged students to hone their academic skills, build their athletic skills, encourage healthy lifestyle habits, and engage in community service all in an attempt at building character and gaining college admission. Visit the CRE home page here.

We do this by creating a positive academic environment. Through a strong partnership with the student, their family, and their high school staff we provide one-on-one and group tutoring to each student in our program. Find out more about the academic arm of our program here.

We do this by creating a fantastic training program using the sport of rowing. The sport of rowing is one of the few sports that demands total body conditioning. Through the intense competition and the rigiorous physical training these students will not only put themselves in a position to qualify for college admission, but college athletic scholarships as well. Find out more about the athletic arm of our program here.

We do this by creating the opportunity for these students to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Building the mind, building the body are wonderful, but fueling them properly is essential. We work daily at creating healthy habits with the students with regards to eating, grooming, and personal habits. Find out more about the healthy lifestyle habits arm of our program here.

We do this by creating a heart and habit of community service. Community service has a number of personal benefits in addition to the obvious benefits to the charitable organizations we support. Find out more about the community service arm of our program here.

We have designed this program to build mind, body, soul and properly fuel them all.

If you feel you have skills and talents our foundation could employ in furthering this initiative, please let us know here.