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The Clearwater Rowing Elite (CRE) Initiative is focused on the current and future success of urban high school students. There are four components to this initiative.

(1) Academics

(2) Athletics

(3) Healthy Lifestyle Choices

(4) Community Service

These four components join together to create the best opportunity for these high school students to succeed in high school and gain admittance to accredited colleges as preparation for a successful future.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

It's not enough to develop your brain academically and your body physically, you need to combine these attributes with healthy lifestyle habits.

Eating properly is a huge challenge in this world. When junk food costs less than fresh fruits and vegetables, the tempation to eat unhealthy foods is greater and harder to overcome.

We have an onsite garden and greenhouse where we grow as much food as we can for use in our meals and snacks.

We have relationships with the local farmers' markets to provide their locally grown, freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

We work with the Hunter's Charity to provide fresh meat.

When the students arrive at the Facility there is a hot meal waiting for them. As they progress through the evening with us, there is an ample supply of healthy snacks for them to consume.

We hold regular talks about nutrition with the students.

One great concern of students this age grouping is weight control. In connection with the fitness component of our program, we educate the students about the proper way to lose or gain weight. We dispel common myths about rapid weight gain and weight loss. The weekly fitness evaluation allows us to detect eating disorders [hopefully] before they get to a point where correcting them is a challenge the student is not willing to accept.

We have an onsite locker room complete with showers. We make time in the schedule daily for students to attend to their personal grooming.

We expect our role models to reinforce healthy habits with the students. We make available through visual display information about poor lifestyle choices and healthy lifestyle choices. We hold workshops and lectures to help the students understand that their future is a direct result of the lifestyle choices they make today.

We take the reponsibility of instilling healthy lifestyle habits seriously.

How can you help?

There are several opportunities to assist by supporting our youth with your role model presence. Read about them here.

If you have talents or skills or other resources you feel will be of value to this program, please let us know here.