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The Clearwater Rowing Elite (CRE) Initiative is focused on the current and future success of urban high school students. There are four components to this initiative.

(1) Academics

(2) Athletics

(3) Healthy Lifestyle Choices

(4) Community Service

These four components join together to create the best opportunity for these high school students to succeed in high school and gain admittance to accredited colleges as preparation for a successful future.


At the very heart of our program is Academic Achievement. We believe that academic success is vital to our students. Our goal is to not only gain admittance to an accredited college for each of our students, but to instill in the student the necessary skills to succeed in college.

We personalize our after school program around the academic needs of our participants. An evaluation of their current academic standing is completed upon entry into the program. From that evaluation we determine a student's weekly schedule.

Time is worked into the schedule for completion of homework. Projects are spaced over the appropriate time frame for high quality completion prior to the due date. If a student is in need of private tutoring, we arrange it. Students who have major (and sometimes even minor) tests the next day are provided a study review of the test material.

We accomplish this through a staff of certified instructors dedicated to the success of high school students. These staff members conduct group activities as well as provide individual tutoring. We coordinate with the student's high school to make certain there are no academic areas where the student is lacking in assistance.

We maintain a file for our students regarding their accomplishments, not just in sports and academics, but in community service and other areas of their life. This is important because the college search process starts in the Sophomore year. Scholarships and college admittance require a tracking of the student's history. We provide this service for our students. We provide help with college entrance essays and scholarship filings.

A typical student's weekly schedule can be viewed by clicking here.

In addition to the immediate academic assistance, we also provide ongoing training for specialized tests such as the State Graduation Test, the ACT, the PSAT, and the SAT. Advanced Placement courses are given special attention in our system.

Our work does not end when the school year ends. We continue our academic thrust throughout the summer weeks. You can view a typical summer weekly schedule by clicking here.

We work diligently to make certain our students have every tool they need to succeed academically. Our ultimate goal is college success. We work to get these students admitted to top tier colleges and universities and we equip our students with the tools necessary to succeed there.

How can you help?

There are several opportunities to assist by supporting our youth with your role model presence. Read about them here.

If you have talents or skills or other resources you feel will be of value to this program, please let us know here.