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The Clearwater Rowing Elite (CRE) Initiative is focused on the current and future success of urban high school students. There are four components to this initiative.

(1) Academics

(2) Athletics

(3) Healthy Lifestyle Choices

(4) Community Service

These four components join together to create the best opportunity for these high school students to succeed in high school and gain admittance to accredited colleges as preparation for a successful future.

Athletics - Lifetime Fitness

Upon joining the program, participants will be given a complete fitness evaluation.  An individualized program will be developed for each student to meet necessary, realistic fitness goals.  A weekly fitness evaluation will track each student’s progress and look for situations that require attention.

The participant’s time will be split between on the water and land training sessions according to the participant’s individualized program.

On land, participants will workout with cardio, strength, and endurance machines and exercises under the direct supervision of professional trainers.  The campus will also support a natatorium and cycling path for appropriate cross training and injury recovery activities.

On water, participants will learn how to scull the rowing shells as well as how to sweep row in the multi-person rowing shells.  Learning both types of rowing will allow the participants, not only the ability to compete on all levels, but the advantage of being able to continue the sport with and without team affiliation in their adult years.  An athlete who can both scull and sweep is also more valuable to a recruiting college coach.

Participants will compete in a minimum of fifteen regattas each year.  It is expected that they will compete in a minimum of two events at each competition.  The top eighteen athletes in the organization will qualify to compete in an additional four elite regattas.

While many of the regattas we will attend are local and will be day trips, there are some which will require travel and overnight stays.  Everyone involved with the organization will travel together as a team, stay in lodging as a team, and participate as a team.

We will also develop a Master’s Rowing Team.  The sole purpose of this organization is to provide a continuing outlet for rowing after our participant graduates high school.  Incentives will be given to the Masters members to encourage them to take our high school students under their wings.  This should provide local community leader reference letters for colleges for our high school participants.  This should also, more importantly, provide a mentor for our participants.  The Masters program will have their own boathouse on the campus and will participate in regattas of their choosing.  It is anticipated that the Masters program will run three separate regattas to help sustain their program financially.  They will be a self-sustaining program beyond the significant startup support the Foundation will provide.

In addition, we will build a separate boathouse and rowing cove for the Adaptive Rower.  Many high school students have disabilities which prevent them from participating in any sport.  The sport of Rowing has engineered its equipment to accommodate many physical disabilities.  We will be able to maintain participation from our high school participants should an unfortunate circumstance cause them to suddenly find themselves disabled, either temporarily or permanently.  The adaptive program will be open to all interested athletes beginning with high school age and continuing all the way through adulthood.  This will be a community based program.  All disabled members of the community who are interested in continuing their physical fitness will be encouraged to join.  Partnerships with the local hospitals as well as organizations like the Wounded Warriors will have a significant presence in this program.  The adaptive team will participle in regattas of their choosing.  It is anticipated that the Adaptive program will run three separate regattas to help sustain their program financially.  They will be a self-sustaining program beyond the significant startup support the Foundation will provide.



  1. Each summer session contains SAT/ACT Preparation, Community Service, Time with a Role Model, Workouts and a Final Scrimmage                                           
  2. Each summer session will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appropriate snacks throughout the day as well as lodging overnight                                              
  3. Each summer session offers social activities:  movie night, all day park experience, karaoke night, and overnight camp out                                                         
  4. Teams may visit only one week during the summer session                                            
  5. Summer Season begins the week after school lets out and ends the week school is back in session                                                    
  6. Clearwater Rowing Elite members spend the night during the program               
  7. Visiting teams live at boathouse for the week                                                    
  8. On Wednesdays, 20 participants will stay behind to assist with the Public City Schools summer gym program                                                           
  9. Sunrise Rows begin at 6:00 am followed by breakfast                           
  10. Early Morning Rows begin at 7:00 am after breakfast                                       
  11. Morning Rows begin at 8:00 am after breakfast                                                
  12. Afternoon Rows begin at 1:00 pm after lunch                                                   
  13. Late Afternoon Rows begin at 3:00 pm before dinner                                       
  14. Early Evening Rows begin at 5:00 pm after early dinner                                    
  15. Evening Rows begin at 7:00 pm after dinner
  16. The Service Project will last 6 hours  (1:00 pm – 7:00 pm)       

Sample Summer Week:

How can you help?

There are several opportunities to assist by supporting our youth with your role model presence. Read about them here.

If you have talents or skills or other resources you feel will be of value to this program, please let us know here.