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The Clearwater Rowing Elite (CRE) Initiative is focused on the current and future success of urban high school students. There are four components to this initiative.

(1) Academics

(2) Athletics

(3) Healthy Lifestyle Choices

(4) Community Service

These four components join together to create the best opportunity for these high school students to succeed in high school and gain admittance to accredited colleges as preparation for a successful future.

Welcome to Clearwater Rowing Elite (CRE)'s web site!


In one midwestern city, typical of most, only 72% of the 2,500 Public School Seniors graduated last year and less than 20% of those students took the ACT/SAT tests.  These tests are necessary for college admissions at most four year, accredited colleges which would seem to indicate that only 20% of 72% of the Public Schools Senior Class is considering continuing their studies in college.  This is a population that needs help in increasing the graduation rate and increasing their ability to have a chance to attend college.


Teenagers are notorious for improper nutrition exhibiting a myriad of weight control issues.  In addition, the teenage years are generally when decisions are made about smoking, drinking, and using illegal drugs.  This is a population that needs help in forming healthy lifestyle habits.


Time on their hands generally leads to the couch potato syndrome or, worse, to trouble.  While video games are attempting to bring this couch potato culture into more activity by making virtual games, the impact isn’t enough.  This population needs a fitness program which will allow year-round participation, a total body workout, all body shapes and sizes can do it, everyone can do it all of their life, and an emphasis on teamwork.


Through partnership with the Public Schools, the students will be bused from their respective schools to the facility.  When they arrive a hot, consciously nutritiously balanced, meal will be waiting for them.  Certified Teachers will be at the facility to assist with homework, remedial tutoring, school projects, research, ACT/SAT test preparation, and State Graduation Test preparation.  The students will then join professional trainers and coaches for fitness programming.  The buses will then take the students to their home.  It is anticipated that the students will leave directly from their schools at the end of the school day and will leave the facility at 8:30 each evening and taken home for a good nights sleep.


We use role models to not only fund the program but to energize and continue the program.  Our initial source of funding will be from celebrities and athletes.  We will request that these donors come in at least once every three years to “meet and greet” and motivate the students to stay on course.  Corporate funding from either businesses or foundations will be sought to establish endowment funds to provide ongoing scholarships for participation.


How can you help?

There are several opportunities to assist by supporting our youth with your role model presence. Read about them here.

If you have talents or skills or other resources you feel will be of value to this program, please let us know here.