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Core Initiatives

High School Students: Academic Assistance blended with an emphasis on Athletic Achievement and Community Service
Clearwater Rowing Elite - CRE

Pre-K through 12th Grade: Educational Institution
Clearwater Academy

Primary School Students: Gun Safety Initiative
Safety First

Struggling Intact Families: Housing Assistance
Affordable Living


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Details for the Safety First Initiative

The average School Year is 187 days, 37.4 weeks.

The program can be presented to two schools each week. The program takes 2 hours in each school to present (one hour to each of the two different levels). This is 4 hours each school day (allowing time to travel between schools). This will allow the presenter to reach a minimum of 75 schools during the school year.

The program could also be presented to two summer programs during the summer months. There are 10 weeks in the summer so this would represent an additional 20 schools able to be reached.

The total number of schools one presenter can reach in one year is 95 schools.

These are students in Preschool, Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grades. We are assuming an average class size of 25 students. We are assuming each school has an average of two classes per grade level. This would mean that at every school the presenter would reach 250 students weekly.

The total students that a presenter could reach in one year is 23,750.

When we expand to all 50 states, we will be reaching 1,187, 500 students each year.

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